Big data is the name of the game in real estate. When you research a property, you can get the homeowner’s name along with all the available property and financial information to do a quick property analysis. Use the (Research) command to research an address.                                                      

Using the command: Research

Research an address by using the Research Command. Researching property is as easy as sending a text.
  1. Text the following command to your SendFuse phone number – Research [and the address of property]. A partial address is usually acceptable. Your assistant will conduct a dynamic search and respond with a complete address for you to verify.
  2. Respond to your assistant with a yes or no.
    1. A yes will immediately initiate a public records search on the property and return, via text, all information that is available.
    2. A no response from you will result in your assistant asking you to verify the information you submitted so that it can try again.
  3. It is that simple. General property information is now just a text away!

Available in Full & Lite versions of SendFuse

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