Fuse Coins are the new currency to run your real estate business! If you notice your commands are not working, most likely it’s time to get a “refill.” Try the (Refill) command to replenish your Fuse Coin coffers so you can keep your real estate business humming.                                                           

Using the command: Refill

Need more Fuse Coins? Use the Refill command to get more!

Fuse Coins is what allows you to perform functions. No Fuse Coins you can easily refill them. Follow this guide:

  1. Type in Refill 100
  2. Send

Your Fuse Coins balance will be updated.

You can only update Fuse Coins by increments of 100 at a time.

To upgrade to the full version of SendFuse call 800-341-9918 or email support@getsendfuse.com

Any Questions? Email support@getsendfuse.com

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