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The Rule of 56 is THE Real Estate Formula for Success: 25 calls+25 mailing pieces+2 network meetings+4 offers=SUCCESS!

It’s as easy as pressing ‘SEND’!

Just Follow the Prompts

Any device that can connect to the internet works with SendFuse.

Some of the features used in the video are not available in SendFuse Lite.

Why ?
Why ?

Simply Search to Get Automated Postcard Drips / Title Reports / UNLIMITED Birddogs Working For You / And More!

Drive for Dollars

Drive around your investing area — or any area! When you see a property you want more information on click to view its information

Research 1121 W Mullan St., Peoria, IL 61820’

Need info about existing loans/title?

Research you found out the property is owner occupied. Great! But does the owner want to sell? Click Title and get the loan and status you need to decide whether an offer is appropriate. An email with a multi-page report, complete with comps, will be emailed to your email address on file.”

Title for 1121 W Mullan St., Peoria, IL 61820’

Start the marketing ball rolling

Things are looking interesting: you know it is owner occupied and the title report informed you that the home is currently in foreclosure. But knocking on the door? That might be a bit scary! So you click Send Mail and a series of 8 postcards are mailed to the owner telling him or her that you are ready to buy — IN CASH!

Send Mail 1121 W Mullan St., Peoria, IL 61820’

Choose your postcard design

Choose the Google Street View of the property, a picture of the property that you take, or a picture of your good-looking self to appear in the postcards you are sending. It's easy.

It's all in your user dashboard

Create a team of 'bird dogs'

Give one or many 'bird dogs' access to your SendFuse account in your app dashboard. We know people who use Uber and Lyft drivers to bird dog opportunities. You can, too. And all of the work your bird does is reported in your dashboard. But, remember, they will be spending your FuseCoins™! You can easily see who you have invited and revoke their access at any point.

Add bird dogs in your user dashboard with Pro & Platinum subscriptions

Send only to actual people

SendFuse is so smart, it knows not to send your postcards to companies or institutions, only people. Your odds of success just improved immensely!

Built in, you don't have to do anything!


The currency of SendFuse

When you enroll in your SendFuse subscription, a bank of 200 FuseCoins™ will be deposited in your account.

Monthly, when your subscription is successfully renewed, another 200 FuseCoins™ are deposited in your account.

They never expire and any unused FuseCoins™ rollover for use the next months*

Don’t worry that your marketing engine will stall though, extra FuseCoins™ are always available in lots of 100 or more!

Simply refuel your FuseCoins™ by texting 'Refill' and the number of FuseCoins™ you want (100 or more) to add to your account

How You Spend Your FuseCoins™

Each time you issue a command to SendFuse (‘Research’, ‘Title for’, ‘Send mail to,  Skip Trace, Cold Call’) a debit is made against your FuseCoins™ account. 

  • Research 1 FuseCoin™

    It's usually the first thing you do when driving for dollars. Just send 'Research' and the property address to SendFuse, and get back basic data on the property and the financing information.

  • Title 12 FuseCoins™

    This document allows you to make smart decisions. Equity, comparables, owner, and much, much more is delivered right to your email inbox so you can see whether to make an offer and for how much!

  • Skip Trace 8 FuseCoins™

    Send the command 'Skip Trace [address of the property] to SendFuse and receive the best phone number for the property owner if available.

  • Send Offer To 40 FuseCoins™

    Sends an offer by US Mail to the property's owner along with a Proof of Funds Letter for the amount of the offer. Proof of Funds letters are not available for investment properties located in Minnesota, Nevada, South Dakota, Utah, and Vermont. Send Offer is reduced to 20 FuseCoins™ in those states.

  • Send mail 6 FuseCoins™

    OK, it looks like a great potential deal. Now let's fire up our postcard marketing juggernaut and start a sequence of postcards selling the owner on why he or seh should sell the property!
    Note: 6 coins per card in the 8 card sequence. A total of 48 FuseCoins will be used unless the campaign is suspended or canceled.

  • Balance

    Check instantly how many FuseCoins™ are left! This can be helpful when you are low on FuseCoins™ in the field.

  • Watchlist

    When you find a property and aren't necessarily ready to Send Mail, Cold Call, Send Offer or perform other SendFuse functions, using this command with the address will save it to your dashboard for follow up.

  • Refill

    Based on the number or FuseCoins™ you want to purchase in increments of 100 FuseCoins™ at 25¢ each

  • Commands

    Returns all of SendFuse's commands

* Subject to change. Roll over FuseCoins™ are only redeemable when your SendFuse subscription is active and up to date. FuseCoins™ have no monetary value or exchange value. Extra FuseCoins™ can be purchased in lots of 100 or more, and start at 25¢ each, with discounts on 500 or more.


It’s all mobile friendly! When you signup, you’ll receive a text message to the phone number you signed up with to download our platform.

It’s as easy as clicking on in the following requests:

To send mail, click “Send mail and [Insert property address]”

To pull basic property info, click “Research and [Insert property address]”

To pull a full title report, click “Title report and [Insert property address]”

Your SendFuse bot will intuitively talk you through everything to make sure you don’t mess anything up. That means you can give it to birddogs and they can’t mess up either!

All owners will receive our proven sequence, starting with the first postcard right when you submit your property. The postcards are sent out over a pre-defined period of time.

One less thing to worry about, and if you want to go in and change the wording, you can do so through your dashboard settings.

Absolutely if you subscribe to SendFuse Pro or SendFuse Platinum! You can add users to your account in your dashboard company settings. They’ll receive a message with instructions so they can start marketing for you right away.

We pull our data from the same public data feed as ListSource, so our data will be as accurate as all the major providers.

However, we can’t guarantee it’s going to be 100% accurate all the time because it doesn’t reflect real-time real estate transaction details and may very market to market.

SendFuse differentiates between an absentee owner and an owner who lives in the property, and sends each different postcards. SendFuse will only send mail to INDIVIDUAL absentee owners (Not LLCs, trusts, or any institutions).   If the owner doesn’t make the cut, we add that property to your “Watch List” section. That way you won’t forget about doing a little more research to find the owner of that property.

Simple! Go into your SendFuse Dashboard, search the address, and click on “Cancel” to stop it.

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