Magically Send REI Postcard Campaigns

Driving For Dollars? Simply text an address to mail the owner

No Signup Fee, No Monthly Fee, Just $1 Per Postcard

A Simple Text Bot For Bird Dogs

Just talk or text an address to send individual postcard drip campaigns, from any smart phone, anywhere in the US

For just $1 per postcard.

Invite Your Bird Dogs

Your team can send postcards for you!


Automated Owner Lookup

Name and Address Immediately Populated

No App Needed

If your phone can text, you can use SendFuse!

View and Cancel Sequences

Access your dashboard to track and stop your active campaigns

Only Mails to Absentee Owner Individuals

Avoid mailing to dead-end institutions

Add to Watch List

Build a “skip trace” list if mailing address isn’t available

Includes Our Professionally Created Lead Gen Mail Sequence

Direct mail proven in multiple markets to get the phone ringing


No Signup Fee, No Monthly Fee, Just $1 Per Postcard

Start uncovering profitable gems in your market


Sign up for SendFuse by

clicking link above

and filling out your info


Access your dashboard and

invite your team


Receive instructions

on your phone and

start sending postcards

In the last two years, we’ve helped hundreds of real estate
investors automate their “one-off” postcards with a few clicks. With SendFuse, we’ve utilized SMS to make the process as simple as possible.

Avoid the “Minimum” quantities that all direct mail services require

Quickly initiate set-it-and-forget it sequences while driving for dollars

Find deals your competition simply doesn’t know about

Recruit an army of bird dogs to start postcard campaigns on your behalf. This is huge!

Automatically followup with absentee owners until they call you back

Maintain complete visibility over your campaign status’s

No Signup Fee, No Monthly Fee, Just $1 Per Postcard